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25 April 2022 - 1 June 2022

Five Points Jazz Festival

Denver Arts & Venues is committed to reducing the environmental impact of the Five Points Jazz Festival. Efforts include: recycling and composting, reduction in plastic water bottle usage, no plastic straws, and sorting through recyclables and compostables after the festival.

This year we are asking our partners to join us in these efforts. Help us make a positive impact by sourcing food packaging that can be reused, recycled, and/or composted. On this site, you will find pre-approved products that meet your needs while also meeting our sustainability guidelines. Eco-Products is extending our Denver Arts & Venues partners special pricing on these products to help support our zero waste efforts. Please reach out brooke.dilling@denvergov.org with any questions. We thank you for doing your part to help us reduce waste!

About the Five Points Jazz Festival
The free, family-friendly Five Points Jazz Festival takes place on Welton Street between 26th and 29th streets the third Saturday of May every year. For more than fifteen years, this event has celebrated the history, music, culture and roots of Denver’s Five Points neighborhood. The 2020 Five Points Jazz Festival will feature more than 50 bands on 12 stages for a full day of everything from smooth jazz to bop to swing to funk. In addition to dozens of bands, activities for families, film screenings and more, the Five Points Jazz Festival honors individuals who have made significant contributions to the culture and livelihood of Five Points.