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1 April 2024 - 9 May 2024
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Solshine Reverie Music Festival

Building upon the success of Summer Camp Music Festival, Solshine Reverie is pushing the boundaries of live events. Solshine Reverie features a variety of live performances from musicians spanning a wide-range of genres. Taking place on multiple stages that will run throughout the weekend alongside art installations, live artists, activities, workshops, and more beyond the music – Solshine Reverie offers an experience that is curated by the minds who brought you Summer Camp Music Festival. Taking place annually over Memorial Day Weekend, Solshine Reverie is a tradition that many will call home.

“The spirit and community of Summer Camp will remain, but we are excited to again push boundaries, as we did when we started Summer Camp, and expand the festival’s mission by bringing the Solshine to the forefront. Soulshine had been the house of our Make a Difference program and sustainability efforts, so elevating that intentionality to the overall festival was a big part of the plan. Summer Camp had evolved into much more than a music festival, it was a community centered around music and art. I wanted to recognize that in the name by not calling it a festival but a Reverie full of music and arts, such that we all can create our experience together – and have that build intentionality in our actions once we leave.”Ian Goldberg, founder of Summer Camp and Solshine: A Music & Arts Reverie

Solshine Reverie is more than a music festival, it’s a community that continues to thrive throughout the year with personal connections, life-changing experiences, and memories.

Increasing the population of Chillicothe, IL for the weekend, Solshine Reverie creates a city within a city that impacts the local business economy while also providing a space for those within the community to celebrate music, arts, and life.