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1 February 2024 - 4 February 2024
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WinterWonderGrass Festival

Blending the most prolific acoustic artists and legendary pickers in majestic mountain villages. WWG is an experience like nowhere else in the world, we start by building a temporary community at the base of iconic ski towns, then sprinkle in the music and brews. We have indoor stages in huge decorated heated tents, an outside main stage, a kids zone, VIP lounge, coffee bar, food trucks, cocktail bars, beer tastings, and more. Let WinterWonderGrass recycle, reclaim and replenish our adventure-seeking spirits!

These community gatherings focus on sustainability, local nonprofits, and support of the arts and are centered around living vibrantly amidst environmental awareness. These elements offer a perfect pivot point for engaging locals and visitors to join in our winter wonderland. Lively national, regional and local bluegrass bands share the stage with acoustic roots artists. The music is complemented by craft beer tastings, local spirits and wines, and a diverse selection of local foods.

We wanted to let you all know WinterWonderGrass proudly strives to be a Zero-Waste Event. This means that 90% of all of the waste produced at our event will be recycled, composted, or reused—only 10% will be treated as garbage. In order to make this happen, we need help from all of our vendors. We are very excited to announce that all vendors can order through Eco-Products at an exclusive WinterWonderGrass price. This will not only help us reach our goal of becoming zero-waste but not break the bank for vendors to order all compostable products to comply with our required sustainability efforts.

We greatly appreciate all of your help and corporation in making this a Zero-Waste event!