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1 January 2016 - 31 December 2021
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ZeroHero 2019

Like balancing plates on a stick or a beer bottle on your forehead, planning a successful zero waste event takes finesse, organization and teamwork. An expert understanding of all things zero waste combined with a penchant for hauling compost, ZeroHero will help you pull off a brilliant event that effectively reuses its resources.

ZeroHero has worked with an array of clients to clean up local, national and international events of all shapes and sizes. With years of experience and a deeper understanding of what it takes to achieve a zero waste gathering, ZeroHero has created a scientific yet simplified approach to zero waste management and will work with you in whatever capacity you prefer. Energized by the aroma of organic fertilizer and the hum of biodiesel-fueled generators, ZeroHero is here to un-complicate the world of zero waste and help you achieve your goal of a successful, memorable and sustainable event.

If you're a vendor at one of the events ZeroHero is supporting in 2016, please ask your vendor coordinator for the event code to enter the buying center and receive special discounting on compostable products.